Healthcare disruption strategy

The future is here. We need to prepare for turbulent times.

We live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. Yet, healthcare is one of the last major industries to have evaded significant technology-led change. But that is changing, and changing fast.

Trends such as the rise of the “digital natives”, the transition “from volume to value”, “patient engagement”, “precision medicine” and many others besides are rapidly gaining momentum -  powered by new technologies and fuelled by a wide array of highly targetted startups and leading tech players. This is what US cardiologist Eric Topol calls “superconvergence” – leading to a complete reboot of the life sciences industry.

As a result, pharma should invest in the “day after tomorrow” (the longer-term future), vs only “today” and “tomorrow” (2-3 year out thinking). In this “day after tomorrow” thinking, the following questions should be addressed (EY 2017):

  • For a given therapy area or patient group, will you provide services or stick to selling products?
  • Are you aiming to prevent, treat or manage disease?
  • Where, and how, will you fit into disease-focused, integrated-care platforms?
  • Do you consider patients/consumers your true customers?
  • Are you focused exclusively on creating shareholder value or on building stakeholder value?

But with the exception of some US-based and Japanese companies and some therapy areas (diabetes and respiratory), most efforts - and awareness – have been scattered and limited in size. To illustrate this, Healthcare Disruption and Artificial Intelligence/Big Data received by far the lowest scores in terms of 2018 priorities (2017 Maturometer).

As one of the early movers in this space with our 2015 Healthcare Disruption Tour, Across Health can help you:

  • raise awareness and action about key trends at the senior level (“from noise to signal”)
  • cut through the clutter (over 90% health startups fail)
  • identify relevant technologies, startups and experts to accelerate your thinking
  • leverage “day after tomorrow” technology platforms and agile approaches in your go-to-market strategy
  • embed these approaches successfully in your organization.

Additionally, every year we organise the unique Healthcare Disruption Tour, which takes groups of senior executives to Silicon Valley to experience the culture of the Valley. We examine key technology and innovation trends relevant for life sciences, as well as the unique ecosystem of thought leaders and universities, start-ups, technology giants, incubators, accelerators, venture capital and how incumbents respond to this brave new world. Find out more about this amazing journey:

Read our recent blog 

View our webinar on Healthcare Disruption

Testimonials for the Healthcare Disruption Tour:

“Apart from the enormous market opportunities to be tackled on Monday I feel that taking part in this Disruption Tour brings me the highest ROI I ever experienced. Great value for money, to say the least”

Life Sciences Partner, EY

“It’s been incredible… just inspirational to hear from these start-ups, smaller companies giving their perspective on how they want to change and disrupt healthcare. Coming out of this week, so many actionables about how do we alter our corporate strategy, what we’ve been doing, to think more in an ‘accelerator’ mindset’

US Lead – Customer Innovation Lab, Boehringer Ingelheim


For more information, please contact Edward Atkinson-Clark

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