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As leaders in the life sciences industry are boosting their investments in new go-to-market models, with an unprecedented reallocation of budgets to digital and omnichannel engagement, fresh data will be your “licence to operate” in the next normal.

The Navigator365™ Core is the foundation of the end-to-end Core-Planner-Tracker product suite and offers evidence-based customer & competition insights to power your customer engagement strategy and execution for the post-C19 world.

Join over 50 life science companies in 40 countries and gain access to highly actionable data on the omnichannel customer & competition landscape, including 50+ channels and 25+ TAs.

Navigator365 Core is cloud-based and covers 4 key dimensions:

  1. A comprehensive & dynamic view of 50+ offline & online channels (reach, impact, frequency, ..)
  2. Fresh insights into post-COVID content & service preferences
  3. A granular view of the media landscape (8 channels)
  4. A detailed competitor benchmark (18 online and offline channels)

In addition, the Navigator365 Core cloud platform offers several unique Powertools, ranging from interactive charts & benchmarking, data consolidation, time trends, and head-to-head comparisons.



“The Navigator 365 Powertool is fantastic! Such a useful resource to quickly access channel reach and impact data based on specialty and country. We are keen to communicate this offering to our corporate teams.”
Corporate Business Lead: Analytics, Insights + Excellence, top 10 pharmaco

“The Navigator data based on reach and impact has become a critical part in the tactical planning of multichannel activities as it allows a clear and straight forward way to select and consider trade-offs between different channels. Today the Navigator data provides key insights and drives our multichannel decisions both on a regional and country level.”
Head of Commercial Excellence Europe, leading biotech company

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Power your OCE strategy with truly actionable insights

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