Predictive analytics

Planning & executing your “next best” customer action

In other industries, increasingly robust predictive marketing platforms are emerging to leverage the “firehose” of customer-channel interaction data. At Across Health we leverage three types of predictive marketing:

  1. The Multichannel Equivalent (MCQ) model. Leveraging these Navigator data, we predict the impact of a multichannel engagement strategy (as a complement to or substitute of current efforts)
  2. At the second level, we mine individual customer interaction data to identify the next best lead for the salesforce, using the RFM model (recency, frequency, monetary value) well-known in other industries
  3. At the highest level, we design predictive algorithms together with AI experts from leading universities to predict the impact of a specific channel mix.

In addition to the widely used MCQ approach, we have run several projects at the second and third level already, with very promising results, and we continue to invest in this space.

See our webinar on predictive analytics 

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