Our newest Powertool, offering A to Z interactive coverage of all your research decks

  • As its name suggests, Explorer provides an easy and interactive way to explore all the insights and data in your comprehensive research decks - plus exclusive online platform-only content
  • All charts now have added data tables that provide access to the underlying data
  • Tap the info button for contextual guidance that explains key concepts and provides additional information on the primary research behind the insights

Consolidated sets

  • Combine data across geographies and specialties to get an aggregated view

Head to head

  • Compare between markets and/or specialties

3rd party media

  • Gain 3rd party media insights and challenge your 3rd party spend by means of actionable data on 8 types of third party media (website, eNewsletter, (inter)national congress, (inter)national journals, apps, online MD communities)

Company benchmarking

  • Assess your position versus the competition
  • Select a reference company and view the complete top 30 company ranking per channel or channel category


  • Filter any data within your subscription based on demographic criteria (gender, age, practice type) and/or behavioural aspects (digital satisfaction, communication preferences)
  • Zoom in on doctors treating specific patient groups by using the patient conditions filter