Joyce Goedmakers


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Key areas of Expertise 

  • OCE tactics
  • OCE implementation
  • eMedical education
  • Patient support and adherence
  • Project management
  • Workshops

Nationality: Dutch
Languages: NL, EN

In her career at Across Health (since January 2019), Joyce has gained experience of strategic and tactical omnichannel marketing projects, both for the commercial and medical side of the pharmaceutical industry. 

Some extracts from MCE and OCE projects Joyce has taken part in:

  • Supporting pharma companies (on global and local level) in their MCE and OCE strategy formulation using the 6-step approach
  • Managing international MCE and OCE execution programs, by supporting brand teams in their step-by-step decision making
  • Preparation and co-facilitation of medical and commercial OCE workshops, as well as output generation
  • Creation of eMedical education content, such as channel guides and brand specific OCE implementation blueprints in diverse formats

Joyce has two master’s degrees: Industrial Pharmacy from KULeuven (Leuven, Belgium), and  General Management from Vlerick Business School (Ghent, Belgium). Her interest in digitization and customer engagement in healthcare was reinforced during internships for two large pharmaceutical companies, Bayer and MSD.

In her free time she enjoys runs and long walks with her dogs Jules and Lou.

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