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Lara Brum

Senior Strategy Consultant

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Key areas of Expertise

  • eMedical & digital strategy
  • Medical Education 
  • Patient support programmes
  • HCP's engagement strategy 

Nationality: Portuguese
Languages: PT, ES, EN

Lara joined Across Health in June 2018. Before this, she was at Atlantis Healthcare, designing and implementing patient support programs within leading global pharma companies.

Previously she worked for 12 years at Celgene within the Medical department, first in Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management/Pregnancy Prevention Plans for Thalidomide® and Revlimid®, then in Medical Services & Digital Marketing, where she developed strategic Medical Engagement activities and the HCP portal website.

In her free time Lara loves to travel around the world together with her husband and two sons, and also enjoys practising BBB (Bicycle, Boxing and Ballet).

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