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Ruud Kooi

MD Across Health

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Key areas of Expertise 

  • Cross-channel strategy
  • Cross-channel campaigns
  • Digital fusion
  • Implementation leader
  • Change manager
  • Digital medical education
  • Self service portals
  • Ipad detailing
  • Innovation workshops & knowledge boot camps
  • C.E.L.forpharma digital expert

Nationality: Dutch  
Languages: NL, EN

At Across Health we integrate new digital channels and opportunities in the existing traditional marketing mix, focusing solely on life sciences companies. This 'fusion' we do in a holistic way - from specific situation and market analysis to the creation of an integrated digital strategy, and from the full implementation to the impact measuring. In short, we help you decide what is best for you and we lead your company in realizing that plan, plus we help you prove the business case.

My role in Across Health is taking care of several global accounts, as well as supporting our MD's and local affiliates to develop their local business. I will bring our best work to the attention of other same client affiliates, as well as provide new ideas and innovative projects to our existing & new clients.

Many brand / medical managers struggle to select which digital tactics are most suitable for achieving their brand or medical drivers. I have worked with many teams to help them prioritize a selection of digital tactics which are best positioned to achieve these key drivers, and which are most suitable for implementation in their organization and fitting their budget as well.

I have lead projects creating a digital cross-channel campaign to complement or replace an existing sales force, delivering more impact for a fraction of the budget compared to pure sales force.

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Across Health is evolving...

From 24 June 2024, the new name for Across Health is Precision AQ! This change is happening in-line with the rebranding being undertaken by the entire Precision Value & Health team (of which we have been a part since February 2021).

Having joined forces with over 1,200 life-science experts, advisors and creatives across 100+ diverse fields, we will continue to partner with our clients to deliver evidence-based omnichannel engagement strategies while empowering access to life-changing medicines for all.

While we transition across to our new website, click here to see how with we are already focusing on HCP engagement in the digital age, fuelled by powerful insights from our Navigator365TM research.

To find out more about our wider global services and unified mission, visit: Precision AQ.