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The issue:

“Show me the money!” has always been a key question from senior management, and with digital budgets increasing by over 20% a year, this question will inevitably become louder and louder. No surprise then, that ROI issues are perceived as the 3rd most important barrier to success (Maturometer 2017).

Our approach:

As a truly evidence-based consultancy, Across Health leverages several proven models from the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) industry to help companies select the right KPIs and track them over time. In addition, our consultants can help you set up the so-called “multichannel equivalent model”, which compares the impact of digital to the relevant offline standard (A visit from a member of the fieldforce, a medical meetings or an MSL).

We also create integrated dashboards to keep track of your KPIs over time – in your data visualization platform or in Qlikview or Tableau.

We offer a solid pre-per-post ROI and customer engagement (NPS) measurement framework for MCM programmes at scale, at any PLC stage.

Last but not least, Across Health’s unique channel benchmarking data leveraging our Illuminator database.

Our offerings

Predictive analytics 

Impact measurement 




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