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2020, it’s (almost) a wrap


"Don't crave to go back to what we had before."

We are nearing the end of 2020. How we look at the Never Normal world became a mindset. 
After early rapid responses to the COVID-19 challenges, many of our customers started a process of profound transformation. 

We recently hosted an inspiring iD.cast on digital acceleration in biopharma with food & facts for thoughts on how companies can embrace the COVID-19 digital stress test. We invite you to watch it and get inspired!

"More than a wake-up call."

At Across Health we quickly saw that COVID-19 would place Biopharma under extreme pressure and deeply change the omnichannel customer journey. Therefore, we decided to refresh our data and insights to provide the most probing guidance to our customers. 

As soon as March and April, we conducted spot checks and decided to run interim research in June. This continues to make our industry-leading cloud-based Navigator365™ platform arguably your most accurate GPS for omnichannel HCP engagement optimisation. 

In June, our Across Health Maturometer survey closed with almost 250 life science respondents. This 12th edition showed that the crisis has quickly heightened the importance of accelerating the transformation of customer engagement in Life Sciences.

"Your DIY toolbox for omnichannel mix insights, planning  & measurement."

COVID-19 has accelerated the transition to a new go-to-market model. In these times of turbulence, the greatest danger is to act with yesterday’s logic. But then, how do you go about planning and defining the channel mix for the Next Normal? 

Across Health is now connecting the dots – and offering you a DIY toolbox, an entry-level version of its campaign suite with Navigator365™ as the backbone. You can discover our new OCE suite here

"It is all about people."

Don't get behind on the digital skills needed to be successful in omnichannel customer engagement. The war for talent will further extend the competitive advantage of digerati. Therefore, many companies are now implementing capability-building programmes because the best talent only stays where they can hone and use new skills with digital leaders.

When COVID-19 lockdown started in March, we decided to offer our 15 Omnichannel Customer Engagement elearning modules for Life Sciences for free. The free trial ended in June: 3,500 users registered to our Excellerator platform to complete nearly 20,000 courses!

Continuing on this success, we recently launched Scala365™, our brand-new interactive multidisciplinary capability-building platform. 15 elearning modules, channel guides, checklists, cases, playbooks, and all the resources your team needs to climb the ladder of omnichannel campaign execution excellence.

“What’s next?”

We have high ambitions for 2021 and beyond, launching several new high-value functionalities and products, as well as regular content updates and surveys.

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Thanks for your trust in these disruptive times. Let us be your engine for growth to achieve unparalleled customer impact and growth post-COVID!

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