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Prepare a brilliant evidence-based plan to shine in 2021 using our Navigator365™


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Dear colleague, 

After COVID-19, “things will never be the same again” and evidence-based omnichannel planning has arguably become even more critical than before. Fresh data will be your “licence to operate” in the next normal.

Our main feature-rich, cloud-based Navigator365™ platform is designed to serve as the backbone of any evidence-based omnichannel planning/strategy, execution and impact measurement in the Life Sciences. Its insights lend itself uniquely to this challenge and will be invaluable for your 2021 planning efforts (the 2020 version of the Navigator365™ is running now, the second part in October).

The highly actionable Navigator365™ data on the omnichannel landscape covers 50+ offline & online channels, gives you fresh insights into post-COVID content & service preferences, a granular view on the media landscape, and a detailed competitor benchmarking

Show me the Navigator365™ cloud

 Do you know what's even better? Since Q4 2019, any staff member in a client company can:

  • access the cloud-based Navigator365™ platform 24/7
  • browse, slice & dice data through several Powertools, …
  • export any key output to jazz up key reports/presentations
  • seamlessly integrate their actionable data with the Omnichannel Planner to help them create a state-of-the-art, evidence-based omnichannel campaign plan

In the Summer 2019 release of our Maturometer research, the Navigator365™ offerings - already used by 40+ clients - were rated “(much) better” vs competition by close to 68% of our customers. Since these new developments, the Navigator365™ score for “much” better” vs competition has shot up to…87%!


Do you want to prepare a brilliant evidence-based plan to shine in 2021? Go to the Navigator365™ page, watch the demo videos, and request your own personal demo or test drive the platform yourself

Hop on the Navigator365™ cloud

Want to have a chat about our Navigator365™ offering? Reach out to us here!
Enjoy the test drive…

Fonny Schenck
CEO, Across Health

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