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How did pharma’s 2022 predictions on key omnichannel trends compare with the real data?


Earlier this year we invited you and your colleagues in pharma to share your predictions for three key customer engagement measures in 2022: 

  1. HCP preference for a digital-only or omnichannel approach to pharma promotional engagement;
  2. HCP satisfaction with pharma’s digital offerings, and;
  3. pharma satisfaction with their own digital/omnichannel efforts.

Now, courtesy of the Q2–Q3 2022 research from Navigator365™ Core and the Q1 2022 Maturometer™ report, we can present the ‘real data’, and see how these results compare to those early 2022 predictions – the so-called “wisdom of the crowds”:

We speculated back in February whether HCPs’ preference for digital-only or digital+F2F engagement for promo activities might be reaching an equilibrium – and the latest data from Navigator365™ certainly supports this, showing a third consecutive year scoring 55%. Omnichannel is indeed here to stay. Pharma colleagues were almost spot-on with their prediction of 56%. Chalk one up for the wisdom of the crowds! 

Another win for the wisdom of the crowds when it came to correctly predicting a further (marginal) increase in HCP satisfaction for 2022 (45% vs. 46% in reality). And while it’s encouraging to see the upward trend for HCP satisfaction continuing, it’s clear that the industry can – and must – do better!

It’s taken a number of years but pharma colleagues’ satisfaction with their own digital offerings finally had a bit of a boost, more than doubling from 11% to 26%. While this may have exceeded the predicted 5% increase and is cause for encouragement, almost three-quarters of colleagues remain unhappy with pharma’s digital efforts – a sign that the industry knows there’s still plenty of room for improvement. In addition, as we’ve seen, HCP satisfaction levels are barely increasing – so there are no grounds for complacency…

To find out more about how these and other insights from Navigator365™ can help power your customer engagement strategy, click here or arrange to speak with one of our omnichannel experts. 

Our overall winner (the person with the closest predictions) will soon be receiving their smartwatch, while the next ten runners-up can look forward to a copy of our new, fully revised and updated Evidence-based omnichannel manual landing on their doorstep.

Note: To learn more about the current state of digital transformation within life science companies, we invite you to attend our upcoming webinar: ‘Omnichannel maturity: what’s the industry up to (Maturometer™ 2022)?’ 



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