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One of the key enablers in digital transformation is internal capability building. As digital technologies and client expectations evolve, pharma leaders feel they are lacking the relevant skills to make MCM have the desired impact. The Across Health Maturometer confirms this – only 15% of pharma staff consider themselves as an expert – and 31% believe they have “sufficient” knowledge… no real change from 2010 (10% and 34%, respectively).

In addition to upskilling, the best talent only stays where they can hone and use these skills… with digital leaders.  The war for talent will further extend the competitive advantage for the “haves” against the “have-nots”. Most companies are now implementing capability-building programmes across regions, brands, functions and divisions, but a step change is the best way to address the talent deficit.

At Across Health, we believe such a programme should be “multichannel by design” – and should go beyond face-to-face workshops and include an “Omnichannel blend of offerings, tailored to the individual needs”. One-shot cookiecutter sessions have not been seen to lead to significant behavioural change.

  • To maximize the adoption of multichannel/digital, action-oriented, customized learning is recommended
  • F2F workshops combined with learning through other channels to create an omnichannel experience (practice what you preach)
  • A step-by-step approach is recommended: Rome wasn’t built in a day

We offer co-ordinated trainings for marketing roles, but also for other functions, such as for teams in sales, legal, regulatory and compliance.

Ensuring that all units are aligned on the possibilities of digital, and that there are common understandings of language and approach, will be a competitive advantage as the pace of change speeds up.

Our core beliefs are:

  1. Capability building is only worthwhile if it leads to actual change
  2. People learn best by doing rather than just listening
  3. So we use simulations and hands-on business cases, the most powerful learning method after doing the real thing
  4. And so we add a lot of best-practice cases!

The cone of learning

With the customer we co-design a customized learning path for all key organisational levels (management, marketing, sales, medical, legal/regulatory, digital, …) over a defined timeline (1-3 years). With defined and measured key performance metrics, it can be tailored and optimised during rollout, and the final impact can be measured.

We have grouped all our capability-building offerings under the “Excellerator” branding, which covers the following areas:

Capability audit

  • A digital capability test, to assess digital acumen across the organization, and to help design a training curriculum down to the individual.

In-person capability building


  • These offer a company-specific hands-on guide to “how things are done” at your company, capturing processes, tools and resources. All playbooks come with pragmatic do’s and don’t’s and several case studies.
  • 7 key channels are available for customization to your specific needs.

Virtual capability building

  • Scala365 – self-service OCE Training Platform: includes elearning modules, channel guides, checklists, cases, playbooks, and all the resources needed to boost achieving skill-building at scale
    • Can be licensed company-wide or purchased individually.
  • Bespoke webinars
  • Omnitopia serious game 

The Missing manual for pharma marketersPublications

  • “Evidence-based MCM: delighting pharma customers in the omnichannel age” – 200+ pages; 125 euro

    More about our book 




Testimonials for our trainings:

“A lively, up-to-date experience with a deep analysis of pharma digital environment, bringing practical conclusions for real strategies for closed-loop marketing.”

“Very professional speakers! Very practical course with a lot of business cases. Useful to link brand planning to multichannel campaigns.”

“Very good training program! I have learned a lot. This will be helpful for me to develop the digital communication platform and integrate it within the overall strategy. I also learned from sharing experiences with my peers – it was a very nice group. And finally: it was very well organized - Thank you very much!”

If you want to know more about our unique digital capability offering, please contact us.

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