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The case for...

Facts for thought

Facts for thought

Key conditions for success

Key conditions for success


High-grade omnichannel execution at scale is rare and talented staff to “architect and execute” campaigns are even rarer. Only 17% of biopharma staff finds their teams are well trained in the use of digital (Maturometer™ 2020). However, flawless execution is needed to demonstrate strong customer impact and ROI…and hence create the much-needed virtuous cycle of great results-higher investments-even better results-etc.

Evidence and experience

Across Health leverages the expertise of our 60+ consultants across the globe and can help you run your local or above-market campaign from inception to full delivery and impact tracking – and from coaching through to fully AH-run campaigns. We bring extensive experience and expertise in all mainstream and emerging tactics for Commercial and Medical…in full service or performance-based. And with the cloud-based Navigator365™ Tracker powered by Navigator365™ Core data, we offer you a unique self-service tool to monitor and adjust running campaigns for highest impact.

One of the key success criteria for sustained excellent execution is internal capabilities (knowledge, skills) - and mindset, for which we have developed a full suite of industry-leading offerings under the Scala365 umbrella.

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Our services and products: a comprehensive customer engagement ecosystem

Intelligent execution is the third phase in our 4-step, end-to-end OCE framework.  It is tightly interwoven with Navigator365 Tracker and its companion tools, and boosted by our Scala365 capability-building offerings. We invite you to continue your discovery journey here…or contact us directly!

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