Navigator365™ advanced uses

Navigator365™ advanced uses

Date: 16/09/2021
Hour: 16.00u
End hour: 17.00u

Webinar 6: Navigator365 advanced uses

In this session, Fonny Schenck (EVP PV&H, MD Across Health) and Pim ten Tusscher (Chief Technology Officer) will show you how to get even more out of Navigator365™ with a view to optimizing your omnichannel HCP engagement insights, planning, execution and business & customer impact. 

Key topics include:

  • How to move from channel-centricity to customer-centricity using advanced Navigator365™ features
  • How to leverage hypersegmented Navigator365™ insights for superior customer experience & business impact
  • How to seamlessly apply these insights into real life using the Navigator365™ product family 
  • A sneak peek of new features & functionalities




Reimagine customer engagement: webinar series


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