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Reach & impact: the heart of channel performance metrics

Reach & impact: the heart of channel performance metrics

Knowing what works…and what doesn’t

“Show me the money!” has always been a key question from senior management when omnichannel concepts were raised. Indeed, “ROI concerns” have been a top hurdle since the start of our Maturometer survey in 2008…and it will not come as a surprise either then that it shot up to position 1 in our 2021 Maturometer. 

Comparing apples with apples…

We leverage several proven models to help companies select the right KPIs and track them over time. The core measurement framework has four dimensions: leading, lagging, channel and customer – with a balanced set of quantitative and qualitative measurements. The Multichannel Equivalence (MCQ) model (based on Navigator365™ Core data) runs as a red thread throughout our impact measurement projects, as it allows you to compare the impact of any channel with a widely used standard (mostly rep (commercial) or MSL (Medical)).  MCQ allows you to compare the quantitative business case as defined in the Strategy phase (predictive) vs the actual execution. 

Performance tracking at the channel, campaign & customer level can be done using our out-of-the box, cloud-based self-service Navigator365™ Tracker, but also through different other types of customized omnichannel dashboards, ROI assessments and – last but not least – predictive analytics.

One of the key success criteria for high-quality impact tracking is internal capabilities, for which we have developed a full suite of industry-leading offerings under the Scala365 umbrella.

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Our services and products: a comprehensive customer engagement ecosystem

Impact is the last (but definitely not least!) phase in our 4-step, end-to-end OCE  framework.  It is tightly interwoven with Navigator365 Tracker and its companion tools, and boosted by our Scala365 capability-building offerings. We invite you to continue your discovery journey here…or contact us directly!

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